Let’s Get This Going! 2 Announcements

Morning, all! It is still dark over here in Virginia and I find getting up early before my son wakes up with a warm cup of coffee is a relaxing way to start my day. Today I hopped on here to get this thing going again.

My passion is helping pregnant and postpartum women navigate their body changes through fitness before and after baby. Since my availability to teach is limited with little man, I am going online more to share information, exercises and my favorite products.

2 Announcements:

  1. Currently, I am only accepting pre & post natal clients for Private Sessions. I stay home with my son and only have so many “slots” I can fit in. I want to enjoy his little years, but I want to focus on my passion as well. My group class remains open to ALL!!
  2. ¬†Everyone is loving the Bundle of Joy package I am offering! Unfortunately, I do need to change it to 4 Private Sessions at $120. Hiring a babysitter and teaching for $20 an hour just wasn’t feasible, but it is still a fantastic deal! (More on my reasoning behind the “Bundle of Joy” in a different post.)

Please follow me on Instagram @thepilatesmom ! I share fun exercises, tips and favorite products. Hoping to do some giveaways soon as well!


Stay warm!