Key Benefits of Pilates

We’ve all heard that Pilates is a great form of exercise and that we should be doing it. But why?? Ever wonder what the big deal is about Pilates? Maybe you’ve heard that it is how to get lean and not bulk up. This is correct, but a very vague statement.

Truth is, there is more than just one benefit and that is what makes it such a powerful exercise form. Here are a few key benefits Pilates has to offer:

A strong core: Your core, those deep abdominal muscles and the muscles near the spine, are going to be HARD CORE after Pilates. Also connecting to the pelvic floor (which has benefits of its own that I will not venture into at the moment), the core is engaged in every exercise.

securedownload-2A mind-body workout: This is what brought me into the Pilates world. During a class, the focus is turned inward. You become very in tune with your body and how it moves through space. Personally, I go into a “zone” when taking a class, where I do not think about anything else other than which muscles are activating at that moment. (hint: it’s a personal oasis. Hence the name!)

Injury Prevention: Pilates works all muscles rather than just a focused few, resulting in an evenly conditioned body. This allows one to move with greater ease and less risk of injury.

Improved flexibility: I personally see it as “lengthening & strengthening.” No, you cannot literally lengthen a muscle as it connects at two ends, but the increased flexibility resulting from a class often leaves students feeling taller! Also, a body balanced with strength and flexibility is
less likely to suffer an injury.

Improved Posture: Specific extension exercises target those postural muscles, helping those with desk jobs to feel better and get rid of that slouch!

Low Impact: Most exercises are done lying on a mat or piece of equipment, reducing the amount of impact on joints. This makes it great for those with specific health problems or those recovering from an injury.

All I can really say is, you have to experience Pilates for yourself. I can type all day and night but actually getting to class is where you will experience the amazing powers of Pilates. With so many options from Group Classes to Private Sessions, there is a Pilates class for everyone!