Welcome to Glowing Oasis Pilates

Glowing Oasis Pilates, LLC provides a personal oasis to strengthen, stretch, and tone the body while developing self-awareness and building self-esteem through Pilates exercises.

Glowing Oasis Pilates, LLC offers group, private, duet, trio, and group classes for all ages in Ashburn and in-home throughout Loudoun County, Virginia. Private Reformer sessions are held in Downtown Leesburg as well as in-home for those with equipment. Along with personalized sessions, workshops are also offered for special events and functions. Appropriate for all fitness levels, Pilates improves flexibility and strength in a series of controlled movements that engage both the mind and body.

*Serving locations within 15 miles of zip code 20176*


Benefits of Pilates

  • A full mind-body workout
  • Strong core & abdominal
  • Long, lean muscles
  • Increased flexibility
  • Injury prevention & recovery
  • Improved balance
  • An evenly conditioned body
  • Increased sports performance
  • Improved sense of bodily awareness